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About Us

In 2002,our company ,known as Burak Mobilya Dekorasyon, started to its commercial life with Production of wooden bedroom & diningroom. In changing and devoloping conditions, we changed our production as sofa set includes wooden table&chair and special decoration.

We registered Patent as TEKMAN MOBİLYA in order to introduce and recognize easily to our products. We have a wish to go on our commercial life with this brand name, TEKMAN MOBİLYA.

• Quality
• Technical Confirmity in Production
• Special Desings
• Understanding to the customers demands
• Keep a promise

We know that our customers opened us to the target way. We want to be permanent and expanding’s company. Religiously we are processing to the best beech tree in our factory in Karabağlar.

We are recompensing the best response to money that our customers paid.Each passing day, we aim to futurity of your expectations with our renewed models.